Hello Kitty Heaven


Hello Kitty is ready to partay!!!

This is the sweet setup I had for my party. Hello Kitty decorations galore and SingStar all set up with mike stands and everything. Snazzy hey?! 
And for the record you do NOT want to know how much this party cost. Yeah I love Hello Kitty and everything but she is one expensive cat.
Cuteness doesn't come cheap these days...

Nothing says party like a banner.

I saw this and fell in love. It was Pink, Hello Kitty and gorgeous. It just screamed 'BUY ME!"...
So I did!
My Birthday party was the 13th of January, my actual birthday the 14th, yet it is the 22nd know.
Whats your point? Well where do you think it is now?
packed away? Maybe in my box?
Nope still hanging and no word on when I am taking it down.
You can use the same banner every birthday right?

High on Hello Kitty

It's a balloon, she is on it, wishing me a happy birthday.
Nuff' said.

More Balloon-ey goodness

My friends couldn't help but smile with Hello Kitty around.
Seems I wasn't the only one High on the joy this is Hello Kitty.

Textas at the ready?

One of the games was a colouring competition.
Everyone chose a picture and then got to it.
Creating a masterpiece was hard work.
I chose one winner and then my guests had a peoples choice award.
The girl in the picture won the peoples choice award.
I have now put all the pictures into a folder for my viewing pleasure.
Other games we played was SingStar Battle, Hello Kitty Uno Championships and Pass the Kitty to name a few.

                                                     Kitty can find anything, including talent!

Here is my friend again who drew another picture, this one wasn't counted as she already did one before it but I still think it deserves a look. All done in pink, it's truly Kitty-tastic!

 Come on, take a bite!

I thought I would make cupcakes and when I saw this cupcake stand I knew I was making cupcakes.
Yeah I know I will prolly never use it again, Hello Kitty Fanatics lose our brain when it comes to stuff like that.
I made the cupcakes myself (plain vanilla with frosting and then I added hundreds and thousands on top) and
decorated the ring on top with none other than Hello Kitty. It was a phone jingly but it was perfect for my centerpiece.

The birthday girl herself!

And of course, there was me.
i had a Hello Kitty Necklace, bracelet, pin and whatever else. The Tiara was awesome. Bought from the same shop I got all my party stuff from. Planet party was so helpful. check them out at www.planetparty.com.au
By the way, guess how old I turned? This will be a fun game. Perhaps a Hello Kitty thing for the winner??