Hello Kitty Heaven


Hello Kitty Links:

1. sanrio.com
The main site for everything Hello Kitty and also includes all the other Sanrio characters too. There is games, information, shopping and more. Meet other people who love Hello Kitty and includes email accounts as well.
2. hellokittyhell.com
The site of a man doomed to Hello Kitty hell because his wife is a mad fanatic and he is NOT. A pretty funny read and even though he hates Hello Kitty it's kind of ironic because he makes it worse by talking about all the different products that come out and makes even more HYPE for Hello Kitty. LOL
3. sanriotown.com
The cutest site. Sign up to a Hello Kitty email account, send cute E-Cards, make new friends, post blogs, make videos and much more. A community for all that adore hello Kitty and Sanrio.

Adding more soon. Check back another time!