Hello Kitty Heaven


Get ready for STUFF!!!

I have so much Hello Kitty Stuff that I had to just buy a huge box to store it in. I still have random Hello Kitty stuff everywhere but the etc stuff is in this box. Exciting Huh?
There is everything from Jewelry, to candy, to badges to even Hello Kitty Uno!
Sometimes I just like to randomly look at all the stuff in the box and I also get weirdly excited when there is something new I get that I can put in the box.
Which by the way is pretty funny coz when you shut the box, you forget about all the stuff.
Does anyone else have a kitty box?
 I promise to go through it all and post up the wacky and weird stuffs from my kitty box...eventually hehe

Rare? I have no idea...

Rare? I have no idea...
It is a Hello Kitty Capricorn plushie.
I got from a friend may years ago.
Anyone else got one?
Or seen the other signs?
Holla at me in the Contact Me section.

Juice anyone?

It was my birthday and I was shopping with my dad for some more pressies to add to my stash.
Then I happened to come across this little number.
Now I don't usually have a water bottle or anything like that, in fact I don't have one ever.
But one look at Hello Kitty lovingly holding her apple and I couldn't resist.
Thanks Daddy!!!

AW prettyness

My friend drew this picture for me for my birthday. (Which was Hello Kitty themed by the way, check out the page on this site)  I know it doesn't look like Hello Kitty exactly but that's what makes it so awesome! I have it and no one else can get it! Yes, it's THAT exclusive. WOOT.

Princess Kitty

Ahhh when I walked into Target that faithful day, I was not expecting to find this gorgeous little thing.
I bought it straight away and for, like, weeks after that, I took it everywhere with me.
 From the mall and friends places, to my last day at TAFE for my butchery course, to a sex shop. (the last one particularly funny as I was asked for my ID as I giggled at the products, clutching my kitty)
I don't take her everywhere now but she still holds a special place in my heart.

Slightly Hello Kitty MAD

I swear I love Hello Kitty so much I buy random Kitty things I don't even need. I recently bought this cute clipboard which has travel games on it. I also got postcards for my birthday which I will prolly keep in the plastic and stare at the cuteness every now and then LOL

I can has watching now?

my boyfriend got me this for Valentine's day last year and I have only watched it once.
A DVD set of Hello Kitty. UBER cute.
No don't get me wrong I love it but had to watch it on the computer.
It doesn't play on my playstation or DVD player.
It needs a all region DVD player.
Don't worry it is next on my list.
I mean hey I have to watch my Super Sweet Sixteen too!!!
(darn those DVD ppls)