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Hello February: Kitty loves Valentines day!

Hey, Happy Valentines day everyone and hope this month is awesome.
Anyway another month, more kitty, as my boyfriend finds out when he sees the card I got him.
HAHA oh what can I do? It was so cute. LOL
Anyway I have added EVEN more to the site. A coloring in section which I will be adding pictures to real soon. A links site to other Hello Kitty sites, Check it OUT!
Also an ETC section for well, everything else, which will be updated ASAP as well.
Anyway keep enjoying the site and let me know what you think on the CONTACT ME page.
Till next time.
Kitty Girl

New Sections added

Hey, been working on the site most of today. Added a Contact Me section so you can get in touch with me about whatever Hello Kitty related thing that tickles your fancy. Also I have added a Pics section. Hey! It wouldn't be much of a Hello Kitty site without some cute pictures for you to enjoy...so ENJOY!
Kitty Girl

Hello January: First Post of Many to Come

Hey everybody, welcome to my site. Have a look around, enjoy the stuffs and let me know what you think.
Kitty Girl